About Us

PropertyHill was founded on the principle of treating clients properties as if they were our own. As Owners, we know what it means to need timely responses to questions and concerns, to have transparent and accurate accounting, to want our property to be clean and well maintained, and to have to budget for what we want and need.

But the one, core difference at PropertyHill is this:  CARING.

It’s caring about the experience our clients have when they need help, whether it’s for a small accounting question, or a flood during a storm.

It’s about answering the phone 24 hours per day and being there when you need us. It’s about friendly people who want to help, and who care about you and your family and your home.

It’s about caring about your finances and making sure you are paying as little as possible for expenses, while maintaining the high standard your property deserves.

We know how to do all of this and we do it very well. Combine our high level of service and caring with our expert knowledge of real state, management and construction, and that becomes a rare combination in the Property Management industry.

We welcome you to contact us and see for yourself.

Note from our Founder

“Back in 2003 I bought my first property. It was a small 3 family property in Chicago. I had to do everything myself from taking out the garbage, to construction. Over the years I’ve done every job in the company, from budgets to repairs, to cleaning, to dealing with contractors, overseeing major renovations and more while managing properties for my partners and I. This gives me a unique insight that was used as the basis to launch PropertyHill into real estate management for others properties.

In addition, straight out of college in the early nineties I worked in Public Accounting through 2002, officially ending my accounting career at Grant Thornton LLP, the sixth largest U.S. Accounting and Financial Advisory Organization in the world. My focus was on audits and compilations of public and privately held Corporations, I was trained at the highest levels of financial and credit analysis. This is the basis for the strict and transparent accounting systems PropertyHill has in place today.

Currently as an owner of multi-unit apartment buildings, I have dealt first hand with management companies. Never truly finding a company that cared enough for my investment, I went out on my own and since have managed thousands of units, assisted clients in purchasing millions of dollars worth of Chicago investment real estate and managed countless capital projects for partners and clients. During this time I have forged invaluable relationships with Investors, Bankers, Attorneys, Insurance Agents, Commercial and Residential Real Estate Brokers.

We therefore built PropertyHill around solving those issues that frustrated me back then, such as making sure that we responded quickly and were there for our clients 24 hours a day. I believe we have a higher standard because of our experience as owners. We know what it means to be on the client’s side and that experience. That philosophy of serving our clients at the highest level runs through the core of our company and culture.

Now the company runs like this with or without me. The people are amazing and our team just CARES about you and your family, and your finances. We don’t make excuses; we just get done what needs to be done and we take responsibility.

We would love to show you too what that means and how being with PropertyHill will help you realize your goals and dreams of ownership, and to make sure your building is on track for long-term success, elevate your lifestyle, and achieve the highest values for your home/investment. Thank you for taking the time to find out about us and I hope to meet you in person one day”

– Ned Pelinkaj